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How we help

Everything we do, every product we create, is made with our customers front and center.

We work hard to help real people. Our starting point is what you need, our finish line is what we make.


Students in the information age need an edge. Have a life, short on sleep? Long paper to write? Big test coming up? We're here for you.

Our products help you support creativity, banish fatigue, optimize study time, grasp concepts faster and maximize the knowledge you retain.


Professionals with demanding and competitive careers need to be at the top of their game. Need the extra concentration to execute with confidence? You can rely on us.

When accuracy is key, our products deliver results. Energy, lucidity, focus - like pure cool oxygen for the intellect, we offer solutions that keep your brain functioning at peak performance.


Baby boomers are choosing to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, not just physically but mentally. Want to strengthen your memory and acuity?

We can help.

Our products help you stay sharp, and leave nothing on the tip of your tongue.

Memory is such a part of who we are - that's why we create ways to support and revitalize it!

We're dedicated to the mission of developing and commercializing breakthrough products and services that enhance cognition.

Welcome to Synaptent LLC

By collaborating with research organizations worldwide, we deliver cutting edge science from labs into the market, and apply it with skill and care to meet your unique needs.

Our approach:

We identify the most promising, leading-edge science and technique in cognition enhancement.

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We create a development strategy to bring the technology into the world.

We commercialize and market the best products and services possible, with 100% dedication to our customers.




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