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Synaptent LLC

47 W. Polk St. 241

Chicago, IL 60605

United States of America

Fax. 1.312.577.1689


1. U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health - Nootropics

2. Immortality Institute - Advocacy & Research For Unlimited Lifespans - Nootropics

3. "Towards responsible use of cognitive-enhancing drugs by the healthy"

Nature 456, 702-705 (11 December 2008)

4. - The Hedonistic Imperative / BLTC Research

5. USDA Dietary Supplements Information and Resources

6. Wikipedia Nootropic - Smart Drugs, Memory Enhancers, Cognitive Enhancers

7. Brain Meta - Enhancing Consciousness and Cognition

8. Mind and Muscle - Neuroscience, Health & Longevity

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We're dedicated to the mission of developing and commercializing breakthrough products and services that enhance cognition.

Welcome to Synaptent LLC

By collaborating with research organizations worldwide, we deliver cutting edge science from labs into the market, and apply it with skill and care to meet your unique needs.

Our approach:

We identify the most promising, leading-edge science and technique in cognition enhancement.

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We create a development strategy to bring the technology into the world.

We commercialize and market the best products and services possible, with 100% dedication to our customers.




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